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Cassandra Barker

Founder & President

Cassandra is a home birth mama, doula, and student midwife from Indiana. She is very passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, as well as supporting and uniting our local birthing community!

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Ana Vallow

Co-Founder & Vice President

Ana is a proud mother to five children, a home birth momma, lactation specialist, and childbirth educator! She has been a doula for over 10 years and avid supporter of the home birth community. She believes all families deserve access to midwifery care if they desire.

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Zuri Davidson

Secretary & Diversity Lead

Zuri is a birth and postpartum doula, and mama to a little boy! She was motivated to become an advocate for families after her own birthing experience. Zuri is also passionate about serving and representing women of color in her community through her work.

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Erin Martz

Treasurer & Funding Lead

Erin is a mother of two, who sought midwifery care and an out-of-hospital birth for her second child after an unfulfilling hospital experience with her first. She is passionate about educating parents and helping to improve their birth experiences.

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Emily Freimuth

Community Outreach/Event Planning Committee

Emily is mom to three kiddos, a birth doula, and a placenta encapsulation specialist. She is passionate about helping families know their options and guide them to find what will work best for them and their birth story.

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Julia Piner

 Social Media/Marketing Committee

Julia is a birth doula, postpartum doula, and a licensed massage therapist. She is passionate about support and education for families, positively guiding and assisting a smooth transition while they build their toolbox for this new chapter of life.

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Lacey Powell

Liaison Committee

Lacey is a homeschooling mom to five children. She has been a birth worker for 20 years, and practices as a birth doula and birth assistant. She is passionate about educating and empowering women to know their options and change the birth world!

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Shelby DeVon

Funding Committee & Liaison Committee

Shelby is a mama to three littles, a CPST, and a postpartum doula. She is eager to provide better education and resources to assist in creating better maternal and infant mortality rates.

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Kirsten Faedtke

Diversity Committee & Liaison Committee

Kirsten has been a birth worker in many different roles, and she is currently serving her community as a postpartum doula while attending school for midwifery. She is a single mama to three children. She is passionate that all bodies need to feel safe during the most intimate time of their lives

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Briahnna Roy

 Liaison Commitee

Briahnna is a birth doula, hypnobirthing instructor, and mom to two children with another on the way. She seeks to be an inclusive space for all birthing families, and has a passion for educating and supporting all of her clients to have a birth that leaves them feeling empowered.

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Laurelen Muller

Liaison Committee

Laurelen is a mama to three children, with another little on the way. She is a certified fertility coach, childbirth educator, birth doula, postpartum doula, bereavement doula, breastfeeding coach, perinatal personal trainer, and birth photographer. She is excited to bring more accessible care to the community.

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